Pondicherry | French bistros to serene beaches

Pondicherry | French bistros to serene beaches

Considered one of the most scenic drives from Chennai to Pondicherry, the vast coastline and lush greenery bring you the best of what Tamil Nadu has to offer. With occasional stops for a tender coconut and also just soaking in the beauty – you should reach the delightful town of Pondicherry within 3 hours. There are many states run buses between the two cities, which are frequent, convenient and cheap while you could always drive down yourself. The well-maintained beaches, bright yellow walls and quaint cafes greet you the moment you pull into the French town with that said let’s begin our list of things you must do while in Pondi...

  • French Town

Apart from being extremely photogenic, French Town is all about its aesthetic appeal. Right from the Cafes to the boutique hotels and even stores – everything here will draw you in with its simplistic charm yet historic significance. This part of the town has a relaxed and slow vibe perfect for the solo travelers just looking to walk around, have some amazing food and not to forget get some beautiful postcards. Do check out Shanti Villa for a great meal!

  • Paradise beach

Pondicherry is also home to some of the best beaches right from Paradise beach down to Promenade beach – each of them have something different to offer while also boasting unobstructed and clear views of the vast sea couple with soft sand. Be sure to do your research and find the beach closest to you to make the most of your time.

  • Foodie’s paradise

Starting with French bakeries to fancy restaurants offering the best sea food and even road side stalls offering some south Indian delicacies – a trip to Pondi is a feast for your eyes and also tummy! The European, French and south-Indian influence is apparent across all major joints and we love them more so for this. You’ll find the perfect croissant at Baker’s Street, excellent pizza at Ecstasy and French food at Mango Hill. Be sure to walk around to find a gem of a café yourself – you'll be surprised what you find!

Here are some points of interest you cannot miss:

Auroville: This spiritual town is worth visiting for understanding and soaking their atmosphere!

Sunday market: Every Sunday, a vast market boasting old books, vintage articles and local produce is set up. You must check it out!

Travel style: 

  • Cultural 
  • Historical 
  • Foodie delight