Kochi | The multi-cultural experience

Kochi | The multi-cultural experience

A set of islands standing gloriously along the coast of the Arabian sea, say hello to Kochi. For centuries, travelers and traders from across the globe flocked its coast and managed to leave behind a culturally rich destination. Influenced by the French, Dutch, Portuguese, British and Arabs there is so much to explore in this town right from teasing your palate to immersing you in the historical sites – there is something for everyone...So, to make the most of your visit we’ve highlighted the top experiences in Kochi, you cannot miss! 

  • The historical side 

From the St. Francis Church, also known as the first European church in India, to the Pardesi Synagogue, you must cover all points of historical significance. This includes Mattancherry Palace which was gifted to the Raja of Kochi in 1955 by the Portuguese. Conclude this walk-through history and years of colonial influence with a tender coconut while browsing through Princess Street. This street is the perfect amalgamation of all cultural influences with different styles of architecture standing out! 

  • The cultural side 

You cannot come to Kerala and miss a traditional Kathakali dance show! The colorful makeup, intricate costumes, and delicate expressions are used to present themes drawn from Hindu epics including Ramayana. You can catch shows at the Kerala Kathakali Center. You can also get a glimpse of the artists getting ready. You must visit the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum which is the most amazing way to experience Kerala’s heritage with over 4,000 artifacts from temples and houses under its roof. 

  •  The artistic side 

Since 2012, the city has been hosting Kochi Muziris Biennale – India's largest art exhibition. Said to be people’s Biennale it has made Kochi everyone’s cultural space to express and even just discover. Even now you can spot different works of art splattered across the walls of Fort Kochi. You must try to include this annual affair in your calendar to make the most out of your trip to Kochi! 

Kochi is a vibe, you have to experience it to understand it. From pretty Insta-famous cafes to the vast sea along with the fort and the unforgettable Malabar cuisine – there is so much more it offers. 

Here are some points of interest you cannot miss: 

  • Chinese fishing nets – Used for over 500 years, there 10M high nets are exclusive to Kochi. 
  • Fort Immanuel – Built by the Portuguese, this fort can be seen scattered along the beach.

Travel style: 

  • Cultural 
  • Historical 
  • Theatre and Art 
  • Foodie delight