Discover India’s winter paradise: Everything you need to know about Auli!

Discover India’s winter paradise: Everything you need to know about Auli!

When we say winter somehow the first thing that comes to our mind is snow – whether you are baring the heat in Chennai or coping with the chills in Chandigarh – everyone can do with a trip to Auli to bring out their adventurous side. Nestled in the northern Indian state Uttarakhand is a Himalayan Ski paradise and hill station by the name of Auli. The pristine glistening slopes make for a popular skiing destination which is located at about 2,800 meters above sea levels. Right from apple orchards to the snow leopards – there is no dearth of beauty here. So, read on for a list of things you cannot miss while in Auli...

  • Flora & Fauna

Right from the Auli Arificial Lake, Chenab Lake, Chattrakund Lake to Nanda Devi National Park and even the valley of flowers there is so much beauty all around. You will have to pick and choose to make the most of your time as most of these spots are located miles apart. We especially recommend the artificial lake as the picturesque is the highest man-made lake making it even more surreal given its location. Whether covered with snow in the winter or lush greenery in the summer – this is the perfect sunset point in Auli.

  • For the adventurous soul

Apart from skiing there are tons of treks you can undertake given your fitness level and time on hand – starting with Kuari Pass trek, Auli Gorson Trek, Trishul Peak and Kwani Bugyal each expedition offers an entirely different experience. But be sure to choose the perfect travel agency with experienced and skilled guides. You could also ditch the conventional hotels and resorts for a night camping in the wilderness for the authetic experience of it all!

  • Try the local cuisine!

While Maggi and chai remain staples in any hill-station visit in India, you must stray from this path and try the delightful local dishes featuring Garhwali cuisine. You must not miss out on the desserts like Singhori and Bal Mithai.

Points of interests you must visit:

  • Joshimath: This pilgrimage site makes for quite an enthralling visit.
  • Auli ropeway: The cable car offers stunning views of the mountains making it a must try!

Travel style:

  • Adventure
  • Trek
  • Nature